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Create and serve your own ads. Drive app discovery and grow your business.

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Customize your campaigns and advertise websites using your existing web pages, blogs or mobile apps.


How does it work?

A tool built to create your own banners and serve them.

#1Create a custom campaign

Start by adding a new advertisement campaign. You can create different ads to evaluate which one works better.

Create Campaign
Customize Banner

#2Customize a banner

Model your campaign and adverts to customize different banners in a few steps. We have developed a wizard to guide you through this process.

#3Embed into your website

Copy and paste a short HTML snippet into your website. It will insert your banner and track impressions and clicks.


Control and take action

Track clicks and impressions to create the perfect ads campaign.


Create fantastic banners

A wizard will guide you in the entire process of creating new banners to engage your audience. It does not require any programming knowledge, you will only fill out a form to configure your ads.

Analyze engagement

AdSelf will automatically track clicks and impressions to summarize all the relevant information in a dashboard. Boost the CTR of your adverts and let AdSelf manages all for you.

Promote your business

Serve ads to drive new audience to your websites


Do you already have websites with high page views? Use them to promote your new products, webs, blogs or mobile apps. AdSelf will make this process easy and transparent for you.


Keep track of all the relevant metrics to customize the perfect campaign. We take care of serving your ads and scaling as much as needed. All you have to do is embed the ads in your websites.


Multiple campaigns with multiple banners will let you choose which setup works better for you. We are constantly pushing forward new set of features to help you target your audience.

Do you want to know more?

Start using AdSelf completely free of charge with no strings attached. You only need to sign in and start embedding your adverts. We will take care of serving your ads and help you grow your business.

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